With certified care for the environment

30. September, 2015

Both the general public and enterprises are paying increasing attention to human impact on the environment. By introducing various structured management systems, enterprises are able not only to minimise their impact on the environment, but also to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce costs. AS Valmieras stikla šķiedra has long operated in line with the provisions of the quality management system standard ISO 9001.

In September this year, however, the company received a certificate confirming that its management system had been audited and was acknowledged as compliant with the requirements of the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004.

This certificate demonstrates the company’s efforts to protect the environment, as well as to introduce sustainable solutions, namely, waste sorting and recycling, economically justified reduction of resource consumption, reduction of polluting emissions and identifi cation of environmental risks.

Valmiera Glass Group companies have already accomplished a great deal, and year after year routine processes are becoming more environmentally friendly. However, the ISO 14001 standard and economic and social challenges require a further reduction in the impact that our operations have on the environment.