Vodafone arena dressed up by Atex®

31. March, 2016

In 2015, VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd signed an agreement for the delivery of Atex® 5000 TRL membrane structures and the use thereof in the construction of the new BJK Vodafone arena in Istanbul, Turkey. The construction process has reached its final phase, and the arena is scheduled to open in April this year.

The arena is being turned into a multifunctional sport base, while preserving its cultural heritage features - its old platforms and towers. Vodafone arena will be the first smart stadium in Turkey. It is fully equipped with digital and interactive displays, features high-speed Wi-Fi, and offers strong support for mobile devices. Rainwater will be preserved and used to water the grass on the football field. According to plans, the arena will host not only football matches but also concerts and other popular events. The stadium has already served as a concert venue for various popular artists, such as Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, and Bon Jovi.

Before the installation of the arena roof, a mock-up was created using the arena’s structural elements. The metal elements of the mock-up were covered with an Atex® 5000 TRL membrane enclosing 200 m2. The simulation showed good results, namely, a fine visual solution and proper technical functionality, providing durable junctions, surface tension, and the required light transmission.

Photo ©: Vodafone arena during the construction period. (Vodafone Arena)