Vodafone Arena – a stadium with a nice and bright atmosphere

5. July, 2016

The roof of the new Vodafone Arena stadium, the home field of the Istanbul football club Beşiktaş J.K., is made of Atex® membrane. The Vodafone Arena is the first stadium in the world with the Atex® membrane, a glass fibre membrane coated with silicone, manufactured by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd.

For the construction of the roof of this stadium, Atex® 5000 TRL membrane was used, which combines excellent strength and durability and very high light transmission (about 21%). Consequently, a lot of light flows into the stadium, creating a nice and bright atmosphere. Atex® 5000 TRL not only maintains light transmission but also appropriate circulation of the temperature and air, which improves growing of grass, which is important for stadiums with natural grass pitches.

Atex® 5000 TRL is made of high tenacity glass fibre fabric with a special very high quality silicone coating. The silicone coating is very durable and its lifetime exceeds 25 years, providing high resistance against UV radiation and negative impacts from the environment. The silky mat surface of the membrane not only looks good but also provides improved dirt repellent characteristics, and is easier to sew and clean.

  • Fabric: Atex® 5000 TRL
  • Fabric area: 20,000 m2
  • Membrane fitting: Etna
  • Year: 2016


Photo: ©Vodafone Arena