VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS invites to a historical photo exposition

15. August, 2023

One of the leading glass fibre product manufacturers in Europe and the largest employer in Valmiera – VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS – this year, celebrates its 60th anniversary. In honor of this event, the company has curated an exposition with historical photos that reflect its development over time. In August and September, the exhibition is open to all in Vecpuišu parks, Valmiera. 

As a part of the exhibition, visitors can learn about the story of VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS over the 60 years: from the beginning of construction of the factory in 1959 and obtaining the first glass fibre strand four years later, until the crisis of the 1990s, the Western market discovery and high added value product manufacturing. Alongside carefully selected photos that represent the daily life of employees in the company, as well as the unique glass fibre products and the equipment necessary for their production, those interested will be able to read about the highlights of every fifteen years – both achievements and challenges that the company had to overcome in order to claim its place on the world map. 

“In 60 years' time, we have experienced a lot – the financial crisis and the change of state regime, revival and construction of new factories. Despite the challenges and difficulties, this time for us as a company has allowed to gradually strengthen our role in the international market as a serious player and taught us that the heroes in our story are and always will be our employees. Without their passion, determination, and trust, the company you see today – with an immeasurable desire to grow and the breath of the world in its heart – would not exist at all. Let this photo exhibition be proof of how much we can accomplish when we have a strong team around us,” comments on the opening of the exhibition from Stefan Jugel, Chairman of the Board of AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA.