VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd welcomes Sherborne 41 Club

13. June, 2018

Our subsidiary company VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd were approached a while ago by the secretary of the 'Sherborne 41 Club' (formerly Rotary Club) requesting the opportunity to visit the Sherborne site and be shown glass weaving production, and expand their knowledge of the company. A date was agreed and sixteen venerable gentlemen duly arrived in the car park on June 12th.

We talked during a presentation of the GROUP's activities, enphasising the international nature of the business, and fielding questions regarding the impact to the business from current Brexit negotiations.

Many of the audience were able to reminisce and remembered Marglass, one had a hand written letter sent to his great grandmother around the turn of the century, during the silk weaving days. Need to be mentioned that the minimum age for entry to Club 41 according to their own rules is 40.

The plant tour and enjoyable few hours ended too quickly and was rounded off by a group photograph.