VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd. supports and participates in Yeovil Marathon

13. June, 2017

The town of Yeovil, about 10 km from Sherborne, hosted its third annual marathon on 11 June, also supported by VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd. Two employees of the company also managed the marathon distance of 42 km – Managing Director of Production Benjamin Deubel and Section Leader Timothy Hawkins. The participants and spectators were cheered up by the sonorous voices of Yeovilton Military Wives Choir.

Benjamin Deubel,
Managing Director of Production, Valmiera Glass UK Ltd.

"I have run two marathons in 2009 and 2015, both in Germany, Frankfurt. I like challenges, my goal is to run 100 marathons in my lifetime. Mental strength and state management is the key to successful participation. After 30km in competition you hit the mental wall and that could be breaking point, but you just need to focus and keep on going."

Timothy Hawkins,
Section Leader, VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd.

"Since 2005 I have average 2 marathons a years. I have run a fair few at the major European city marathons. Berlin, Frankfurt, Prague. Included in my UK list is London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. My best result so far was victory at Yeovil marathon in 2015, best performance was at Chester 2 hours 36 min, 24 sek.

Training is 8 days running out with 1 day rest. A mixture of speed sessions, tempo runs (marathon pace), long runs (anything up to 3 h). Most importantly recovery runs (short slow running). Training mileage is about 70-80 miles per week.

Preparation is the key. My motto is: „I may not be the quickest but I must be the best prepared”. Seems to be working so far!"

Bryn Phillips,
Yeovil Marathon Organiser & Race director

"We highly value support of local businesses, their generosity means our Admin costs get covered meaning the majority of the athletes’ entry fees go to the Charities. During previous two marathons we have raised 8 500 GBP. I created the Event to help raise money for the two Charities – Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity and Yeovilton Military Wives Choir – that supported my family whilst I was undergoing treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder suffered from my last tour of Afghanistan in 2015."


Photo: VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd. colleagues safe and sound after covering the 42 km distance at the Yeovil Marathon. From left to right: Benjamin Deubel who finished 158th in the marathon and Timothy Hawkins who was in the 2nd place.