VALMIERA GLASS in 24-hour Daytona endurance race

10. January, 2022

On 29 January, the name of VALMIERA GLASS will charge forward on the world-renowned Daytona Speedway in Florida, USA that will host the prestigious 24-hour endurance race for sports cars.

The Dresden T3 Motosport team with the powerful Lamborghini Hurácan GT3 EVO featuring VALMIERA GLASS on its sides will also be a part of the race. The team aims for a class victory.

The T3 Motosport team was privately supported by Stefan Jugel, the Chairman of the Management Board of AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA.

We wish the team a very successful and impressive racing debut. This in particular applies to the team’s new racers: Mateo Llarena from Guatemala and Maximilian Paul from Dresden.

Did you know that we make cars faster and safer with glass fibre? It also applies to this race car, as glass fibre has been used to improve its performance. Namely, in the engine, exhaust system, heat shield, cables, tyre arches, brake lining and elsewhere where a high degree of thermal, electrical and sound insulation is required. Glass fibre products are ideal for places where temperature fluctuations or heat dissipation is not allowed and the accepted vibration and noise levels are limited.