VALMIERA GLASS GROUP participates in the largest Latvian-US business conference in Chicago

27. October, 2017

Yesterday October 26 the largest Latvian-US business event Spotlight Latvia happened in Chicago, where our company’s chairman of the board Mr Andre Schwiontek participated.

The conference, in the number of participants, was the largest in the history of bilateral relations. Spotlight Latvia featured such major Latvian companies as VALMIERA GLASS, SAF Tehnika, Jauda and Latvijas Finieris in the manufacturing area; Latvian Railways (Latvijas Dzelzceļš), airBaltic, Sonora, Kreiss in the transport and logistics area; Amber Beverage Group, Aloja-Starkelsen, Food Union, Orkla, Pure Food in the food production industry; as well as Tilde, Blue Bridge Technologies, Anatomy Next and Meditec in the ITC area.

Latvian companies, including VALMIERA GLASS, presented themselves to an audience of more than 100 U.S. companies. There were overall seven sessions by Latvian companies - talking about the existing and potential success stories of US companies operating in Latvia, and vice versa. In terms of industry representation, special attention was paid to Latvian ITC companies, manufacturers, food producers, as well as transport and logistics companies.