VALMIERA GLASS GROUP joins Glass Fibre Europe

5. June, 2023

VALMIERA GLASS GROUP has officially become a member of Glass Fibre Europe, a prestigious association representing the major producers of continuous filament glass fibre in Europe. With this new addition, the association now boasts a total of 8 esteemed members, solidifying its position as the industry's leading voice.

The decision to join Glass Fibre Europe reflects our dedication to tackling the challenges our industry faces today. One such challenge is the persistent pressure from heavily subsidised and dumped glass imports from Chinese state-owned companies, which adversely affects fair competition. Additionally, the increase in operating costs within Europe demands a unified approach and collaborative solutions.

In the words of Cédric Janssens, Glass Fibre Europe's Secretary General, “We are very happy to welcome VALMIERA GLASS GROUP's representatives in the association. With the addition of this new member, all the major producers of continuous filament glass fibre in Europe are now present in the association. It gives a clear signal that our industry stands united to meet the challenges we face in Europe.”

Joining Glass Fibre Europe provides us with a unique platform to engage with fellow industry leaders, share best practices, and collectively address the issues that affect us all. We look forward to contributing to the association's efforts in promoting fair trade practices, advancing technological advancements, and fostering a sustainable future for the glass fibre industry in Europe.