VALMIERA GLASS GROUP is launching innovative glass fibre products with temperature resistance up to 800°C (1472°F)

18. March, 2024

The VALMIERA GLASS GROUP, which has accumulated 60 years of know-how in the production of glass fibre and its products, is now launching a new era of glass fibre products made of innovative, patented High-Resist glass (HR-glass) with temperature resistance up to 800ºC (1472°F). This provides customers with the market's missing product temperature resistance midpoint between the temperature resistance of E-glass at 600ºC (1112°F) and that of high SiO2-content glass at 1000+ºC (1832+°F).

Benefits of HR-glass products

The groundbreaking patented glass formulation sets a new standard in the glass fibre industry and its downstream product application industries. HR-glass is an alkali-free aluminosilicate glass, which does not contain boron oxide and fluorine. This glass can completely replace E-glass in various aspects. Most importantly, this type of glass has a temperature resistance of up to 800°C (1472°F). 

HR-glass is the perfect balance between 600°C (1112°F) and 1000+°C (1832+°F) temperature resistance, ideal for applications that require temperature resistance and performance in equal measure. In other words, if 600°C is insufficient, but the high temperature resistance of 1000+°C is not required, HR-glass is the ideal solution. These products are the next generation of materials that meet current industry standards and embody new opportunities for business transformation. 

At the same time, HR-glass fibre has the advantage of high chemical resistance, especially in alkaline and aqueous environments, high heat resistance and a more environmentally friendly glass melting process, with no boron and fluorine emissions and more sustainable production, retaining physical properties equivalent to E-glass, and above. HR-glass will also provide a better price vs. performance ratio if the customer does not require the high temperature resistance of SiO2-content glass at 1000+°C (1832+°F). 

The composition of HR-glass (abbreviation for High-Resist) is patent protected and is a totally unique type of glass which is not produced anywhere else in the world.

Transforming industries - new generation materials

The origins of HR-glass in VALMIERA GLASS GROUP date back to 2016. At that time, an experimental glass melting furnace with low capacity compared to other glass melting furnaces was built, producing the first glass fibre products with temperature resistance up to 800ºC (1472°F).

In collaboration with customers and various partners, the company has continuously improved and refined the quality of this product, essentially creating a new generation of materials that can completely replace basalt fibre or mineral wool. 

HR-glass fibre products with a heat resistance of up to 800ºC (1472°F) will be available on the market from April, expanding the range and ensuring that VALMIERA GLASS GROUP is the only company in the world able to offer such a wide range of glass fibre products for the promising thermal insulation market. Accordingly, virtually all glass fibre product groups will be available on the market from HR-glass for the production of various thermal insulation materials and high-quality smoke and fire barriers (with heat resistance up to 800°C). Another group of applications will be linked to improved chemical resistance for use in construction. The available product offering will be just as extensive as the E-glass range.

“Following the launch of a new melting furnace last year, the start of production of our new HR-glass is another highlight of our transformation into a highly specialised provider of glass fibre solutions. The development and introduction of HR-glass took more than 6 years and cost a mid-7-figure amount. By offering 3 different glass types in combination with a wide range of processing levels, from chopped strands to coated fabrics, we offer our customers the opportunity to supply themselves completely in Europe and to decouple themselves from geopolitical challenges,” says Stefan Jugel, Chairman of the Board of VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS.

The new products will confer new business potential to VALMIERA GLASS GROUP customers.

Bernd Jülicher, Managing Director, Founder, and Co-owner of TTSC GmbH Technical Textiles Solution Company, stated: “We, as an established developer and manufacturer of technical textiles, are pleased, that VALMIERA GLASS GROUP has decided to produce HR/ECR-glass in Europe. Especially in the product range from 6 µ; 9 µ and 11 µ up to 13 µ fibres, we as a manufacturer of special textiles see a useful and future-oriented expansion in the area of high-temperature fibres. This HR/ECR-glass, with increased thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance (compared to E-glass), closes the gap between E-glass and Silica glass and enables cost-effective solutions in areas where an overengineered solution with Silica glass was necessary. We are now able to develop and offer even better customer and application-specific solutions in the field of technical textiles for a wide variety of industries”.

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