Valmiera Glass® Active #2 challenge winners awarded

8. September, 2017

From April 1 to July 13, Valmiera Glass Group employees are for the second time were competing within the positive Valmiera Glass® Active #2 race. Three gentlemen and ladies who burned the most calories during the campaign were rewarded at the Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC Leisure and Sports Festival on July 15th.

Elīna Salnīte, Procurement Specialist, Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC: “I've been attending the gym for a long time and I enjoy running long distances and swimming. This summer I have discovered new types of sports – SUP fitness and wakeboard. Sports activities help to balance daily sedentary office work, give energy and positive emotions, as well as improve my overall mood and appearance. The challenge motivated me to overcome myself and accomplish even more, as seeing my colleagues sporting and collecting calories inspired me to “to leave the couch” even in bad good weather or days of laziness. My goal this year is to complete the distance of the Valmiera Half Marathon and this challenge was a great preparation for the race. Thanks to the challenge participants for the positive competition and mutual encouragement! Next season, I also invite  those who did not participate this year, and thanks to management for supporting such great sports activities!”

Uldis Vilks, IT Systems Support and Development Manager, Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC: ”My favourite sports are running and bar pull-ups. Five years ago I was searching for energy because I was burned out working. I was experimenting with food, but it didn’t give results. Then one day I accidentally saw an article, where it mentioned that running gives energy. And it does indeed. Since then I have been running regularly. My former colleagues even encouraged me to participate in the Valmiera Half Marathon. At first I was sceptical, but I tried it and it went really well. I guess until now this has also been also my best sporting adventure. This year I also plan to participate. During the challenge, I increased the amount of workouts twice. In addition, I started cycling a lot, because otherwise it would not be possible to win. To win, I was ready to cycle even more. Thank God – no more was needed, because it was not easy.  Now I'm back to my normal routine, and soon will again engage in the company's opportunity to play volleyball.”

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants of the campaign!

Total performance of all participants during the campaign:

  • Time spent on sports: 3.7 months
  • Consumed energy: 1 mill.kcal or 216 cakes “Cielaviņa”
  • Distance completed: From Reykjavik, Iceland, to Perth, Australia

Photo: Women (from the left): 2nd place – Svetlana Suhareva, 1st place – Elīna Salnīte, 3rd place – Laine Kuzmane.