To school without worries: company gifts 200 euros for starting the first school term

1. September, 2023

Preparation for the new school year is often associated with suspense and pleasant excitement about what`s ahead, but this time undeniably also requires input from the family income, especially if there is a first-grader, who needs to purchase all the school supplies for the first time. 

“We highly appreciate every pupil and student's academic endeavors and determination to gain new knowledge, however, we especially want to highlight and support children, for whom school is a brand new and unknown adventure. That is why the one-time grant of 200 euros has become a long-standing tradition to support employees' families with first-graders. Also, this year, to ease the budget burden of these families, 55 children are given their first “school money”, to be able to provide them with everything necessary for their studies,” comments on the support for first-graders VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS Chairman of the Board Stefan Jugel. 

We wish all the students and teachers for the new academic year to be filled with joy, knowledge, and discoveries! May the spark of curiosity stay with you all year long!