The touch of art: sculptures made of glass fibre

8. June, 2016

Glass fibre as a raw material for textile production has been known since the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to its technical and mechanical properties it presents a wide range of possibilities both in the industrial sector, as well as architecture. During the last decade, glass fibre has found its place in the art world as well. It is an unconventional raw material used in sculpture.

One of the best-known art objects made of glass fibre is the „Cow Parade”. It is the biggest  and the most successful public art event in the world. Within its framework, both amateurs and professional artists decorate sculptures of cows. The external layer of these sculptures is made of glass fibre fabric. There are more than 5000 cows distributed and decorated all over the world. Each year brings new masterpieces. There is a similar tradition in Nebraska (USA), where the objects decorated are sculptures of deer made of glass fibre fabric.

In addition, attention to the use of glass fibre in art was attracted by Scott Redford and his work of 2012 called „My Beautiful Red Lipstick Polar Bears”. It featured in the exhibition „Sculpture is everything” in Australia. The red polar bears serve as an example of the use of unconventional materials in contemporary art.