The Silver Grove roof dome is made from AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA’ textile membrane

3. July, 2023

In anticipation of and while celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Song Festival and the XXVII Nationwide Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival, we are truly proud and pleased to announce that Atex® textile membrane, a material produced by AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA was used in the creation of the Mežaparks Grand Stage "Sidraba Birzs" (Silver Grove). This technological solution will protect festival participants from the sun, wind and rain, while ensuring high-quality acoustic specifications. This, of course, is especially important so that the sounds of the festive choir during the grand concerts "Tīrums. Dziesmas ceļš" (The Field. The Road of Song) and the Grand Finale Concert, “Kopā Augšup” (Upward Together) are magical and positively charged.

The covering of the Silver Grove roof dome is made of 5,324 m2 of Atex® 4000 TRL textile membrane - a specially prepared silicone-coated glass fibre fabric. What makes this material so special is its high resistance to the effects of the external environment, non-flammability, as well as acoustic properties, which is why it is often used in the construction of important large cultural and sports facilities globally. The textile membrane was woven and coated using AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA glass fibre filament by our subsidiary company VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd. in Great Britain.

After restoration, in accordance with the architects’ design the Mežaparks Stage has acquired the shape of the "Silver Grove on the Hill of Songs". Thanks to the building's branched "tree pattern" and its customised acoustic solution, it is undoubtedly still the home of major cultural events in Latvia, as well as a significant architectural site worldwide.

During the XXVII Nationwide Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival, all the participants and visitors will be able to see this for themselves, including the creative employees of AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, who will sing, dance, and play music. Wishing everyone a steady tone, resonant voices and a spring in their dance step! Have a wonderful celebration!

Silver Grove, Mežaparks’ Grand Stage. Photo: Renārs Koris