The AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA team has presents ready for children and teens who have suffered from violence

22. December, 2022

Christmas is the time for miracles and good deeds. The time to make your loved ones happy and to support those who need it most. This year, as in other years, we have prepared presents for charity. Together with the Valdardze Centre, we will bring some joy and festive spirit to the children, teens and families in the Valmiera Region who have suffered from violence or its consequences. Currently, there are about 30 children there, but in one year, the Centre helps and supports almost ten times that number. 

Valdardze has very many needs, and we do hope that with our joint gift basket, we will be able to help with at least some of them. Little ones (and big ones!) will enjoy toys, books, paints and other things for creative activities, healthy snacks and daily hygiene products.

We are grateful to our employees for their compassion and wish everyone a happy festive season, and may 2023 bring even more good deeds!