Smoke & Fire - against fire and smoke

27. September, 2016

Fire protection has always been prized and highly appreciated. Taking into consideration the possibilities people always look for the best solutions to ensure their maximum safety. In recent years, especially in Europe, increasing attention has been paid to fire protection in important public buildings - schools, train and subway stations, supermarkets, concert halls, etc. In the past, metal was used for protection against fire - it was used to manufacture doors, as well as special walls and coatings were constructed.

Now this branch extensively uses coated and laminated glass fibre fabrics. Smoke & Fire or fire curtains is one of the most widely used final products of coated and laminated fabrics. Public authorities and private companies are increasingly implementing measures that would protect the public and employees in situations where fire may occur. Leading construction companies, architects and designers prefer coated and laminated fabrics based on the possibilities provided by fabric and textile. Due to the high fire resistance, smoke impermeability and flexibility of the fabrics, fire curtains can be built into wall arches and ceilings, thus making maximum use of space. Curtain installation does not require walls or other types of metal/concrete structures, thus this solution is also cost-effective.

Smoke & Fire curtains is only one of the applications of coated and laminated fabrics. Laminated fabrics are also used in production of flame-proof firefighter uniforms and other protective clothing.

Photo: The fabric in fire curtains in a school in Seeheim, Germany.