Qualified employees for the US plant

23. May, 2017

Within the dual education project, thanks to cooperation between Valmiera Glass Group and the OFTC, our US subsidiary has completed the first hiring event for students of the OFTC from the Mechatronics System Technician and Glass Fiber Production Operator study programs. Eighteen students from these programs have been chosen for full-time work at the new glass fiber production plant in the US, which is in an intensive construction stage, and have received hiring certificates.

In late May, the students arrived in Valmiera to take part in a three-week intensive training at Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC. After the training, the students will engage in practical work at the Dublin plant to get prepared to start work this autumn when the new plant in the US is opened.

The opportunity to come to Latvia was given to the most successful and progressive students of the OFTC. The training program in Latvia is very intensive so that the students can in a short time acquire valuable experience and skill of working at a large production company. Among the trainees are potential production adjusters, shift managers and quality control employees, who, in order to take up the respective jobs in the future, need to be appropriately qualified.

“The practice in Latvia is a possibility for faster career growth. The acquired experience and skills are priceless; it is only possible here to master the complete skills for work at a large-volume and complicated production plant. This is why we decided to offer this opportunity to the US students, for whom it is, of course, a challenge as they have to cross the ocean to come to us,” pointed out Training Coordinator Ilze Andersone, Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC, who is working on implementing the dual education pilot project in the US.