Palazzo Caraccialo shading canopy from Atex ® 3000 TRL textile membrane

16. January, 2015

One of the latest projects implemented in Palazzo Caraccialo building, Naples, Italy. This building has a long history. Once it was the aristocratic residence of the Caracciolo family, but later on it served Napoleon and the King of Naples. The building itself kept ancient, weighty, and aristocratic breath, but at the same time building offers profound peace. Due to the breathtaking architecture, since 2010, the hotel „MGallery” has built-in there. Historic architecture, elegant details, and modern design fascinate every visitor in the hotel.

In 2014, a new project was created as the shading canopy using the Atex® 3000 TRL textile membrane produced by VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd. The canopy design is durable, air permeable, and coated with a specially developed silicone. One of the best features is the UV solar radiation interception. Atex® 3000 TRL is used 700 m2 area.