P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. receives the State of Georgia award Deal of the Year 2016

16. November, 2016

P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp., a subsidiary of JSC Valmieras stikla šķiedra in the United States of America, has received the State of Georgia award Deal of the Year 2016 for the expansion project of P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. worth USD 90 million that created 425 new jobs. The Deal of the Year award is given to express appreciation of excellent achievements in founding new companies and expanding existing companies in the State of Georgia that facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the economic development of the local community.

The Group has already informed about setting up a production complex and its development in the USA. In the first stage of the project, a mat production plant was constructed that has been working successfully since 2015. In the second stage, considering the strategic significance of the USA market, it is planned to expand P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp till 2022 by investing 90 million USD and creating a modern production infrastructure with the area of 34 thousand square metres alongside the existing 7.4 thousand square metre plant. Following its expansion, P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. will become the largest employer in Laurens County and the leading manufacturing company in the central and eastern parts of the State of Georgia.

The State of Georgia has been recognized as Number 1 for business in the USA, and is the 8th largest by population, with 10 million people. Currently, when companies expand rapidly and corporations keep moving to the State of Georgia, the award, by the Georgian Economic Developers Association has been received by such global companies as Mercedes-Benz USA and Starbucks, is an impressive recognition of the Valmiera Glass Group business.

The Deal of the Year Award from the Georgian Economic Developers Associations is in its eighth year. The Deal of the Year Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the location or expansion of new businesses in the state of Georgia that meet community economic development goals and involve significant community program support, such as financial or permitting assistance, workforce development, state financial support, etc. The awards are given in four categories: Large Community (counties with a population over 100,000), Medium Community (a population from 50,001 to 100,000), Small Community (a population of 50,000 or less) and Regional.