New VALMIERA GLASS workshop for children and teenagers

1. March, 2023

Now Valmiera has its own VALMIERA GLASS workshop, where children and teenagers from Valmiera and its surroundings can sharpen their minds, let their imagination roam and craft the impossible. We have contributed equipment to the Youth Centre Vinda, and co-created VALMIERA GLASS workshop to offer more opportunities for organising and holding technical interest groups. 

During this academic year, VALMIERA GLASS workshops will offer classes to learn how to operate a CNC machine, to improve 3D computer modelling, design and programming skills, as well as to create design projects. Thanks to the multi-functional nature of the CNC workbench, it is possible both to diversify activity programmes and organise professional top-up courses for teachers and other stakeholders.  

“We really hope that our support will help children and teenagers develop their skills and give better future prospects. We gifted the new equipment to stimulate interest and improve engineering and technical knowledge. We believe that technical interest groups and classes are the first steps to be taken for solving the long-standing problems in the fields of exact subjects, technology and science in Latvia. For us as a manufacturer with extensive engineering and technical equipment, it is of utmost importance to attract young people to STEM programmes,” says Stefan Jugel, the Chairman of the Board of VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS.