New product, new brand VALBARR®

20. June, 2017

The VALBARR® brand products are certified fire safety barriers, fire insulation products that ensure compliance with fire safety requirements and limit the spread of fire according to the highest quality standards in construction.

It consists of glass fibre fabric, mat, and foil in various combinations depending on the required fire protection class. The product is the result of collaboration with British colleagues and corresponds to the requirements of the construction industry and its users - designers, producers, and installers. Although VALBARR has currently not yet been fully launched into the market, the demand for it is growing and great interest has been seen from customers.

Certified fire protection in construction
"Fire safety requirements in the world are constantly increasing. VALBARR is a convenient solution in construction, ensuring greater security for the user and ease of installation for installers. The VALBARR name on the packaging is a guarantee of high quality and compliance with the latest standards," says Arnis Palms, VALBARR product development Project Manager, Managing Director of Sales of ALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd.

The VALBARR product is fully certified according to the British, European and global fire prevention requirements and bears the CE label of European Conformity, as well as the exclusive EN Test label. This proves that the product is manufactured and tested according to strict criteria of European standards.

Brand and graphic identity
The VALBARR name derives from the first letters "VAL" of the Valmiera Glass Group’s corporate brand "VALMIERA" and the first letters "BARR" of the English word "BARRIER", thus emphasizing the origin of the product and its application.

During the creation process, 12 different options of the VALBARR logo were developed, of which the best one that describes the main product’s function was selected. The logo consists of a stylized flame of fire and the VALBARR inscription in the corporate blue-green colour, which is like a barrier to the orange-colour fire flame. Accordingly, it is emphasized that the VALMIERA GLASS GROUP’s product is able to contain both flame and smoke, protecting and creating safety.

The company's industrial property protection
"VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, with its subsidiaries, is an important member of the world market - 97% of its products are exported to 41 countries worldwide, thus it is very essential to protect the company's industrial property and trademark from the perspective of long-term competitiveness," says Arnis Palms, Managing Director of Sales of VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd.

In order to protect the company's intellectual property on a larger scale, VALBARR as a trademark has been registered in all of the European Union countries.

Trademark of the year for the world
VALBARR® was rated one of the winners and received 3rd place in the nomination “Trademark for the World” in the “Trademark of the Year” competition organized by the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia (LPO), the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Latvian Designers' Society.

Both the jury evaluation and the public voting was taken into account when determining the winner. "It is gratifying that we have been appreciated, and I am delighted that our trademark is among the TOP three of more than 100 Latvian trademarks registered internationally last year" says Arnis Palms, Managing Director of Sales of VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd.