Mat segment – heat and sound insulation

12. December, 2016

Glass fiber mat possesses valuable properties which make it a multi-purpose product usable in different fields.  The best thermal and acoustic insulation properties are joined in mat together with mechanical strength, incombustibility, lightness, flexibility and ease of use. Glass fibre mat is designed for long term use – it does not change form, is not subject to steam and oil exposure, does not putrefy, does not absorb odors and moisture and is resistant to pests and rodents. It should be noted that mat is not ecologically harmful and can be recycled for reuse. The most highly valued and praised properties of the product is the low thermal conductivity and excellent sound absorption, therefore mat is mainly used in environments, installations and structures in which temperature variation or distribution is not permissible, as well as the admissible level of vibration and sound is limited.

Mat is used for insulation of high-temperature pipelines and tanks, filtration of industrial high-temperature chemical gases, filling of industrial sound barriers, for insulation of catalysts, compressors and exhaust equipment, cable protection and insulation of liquid lines, heat insulation of various kitchen equipment and many other applications. Mat is the most popular choice in the construction of exhaust pipe insulation of petrochemical refineries, automobiles and motorcycles.

Glass fibre mat has helped improve the comfort of people's daily social life and helped take the next steps in industrial efficiency, safety and development.

Photo: Turbine insulation. Photo ©