Atex® 3000 TRL textile membrane used in Madrid Arts Centre

15. January, 2015

In 2013 the Spanish architects' office Langarit-Navarro Arquitecto presented an innovative Medialab-Prado project by creating a modern art centre inside of the industrial building. Ceiling panels in the centre are made of Atex® 3000 TRL textile membrane produced by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd.

Inside of the arts centre is created in different colors, while the exterior facade of the building keeps the ascetic look. Internal ceiling panels of the building were created in different geometrical shapes using Atex®. It makes a non-standard design and provides excellent acoustic control.

Thanks to Atex® textile membrane flexibility, you can easily customize it, and it's thin enough to keep the saturated hue of neon lights, placed below it.


Photo ©IASO, SA