Latvian and U.S. football teams meet for the second leg in Dublin

30. August, 2018

Active both at work and in their leisure time – this is true about our guys who work for VALMIERA GLASS GROUP, but always find time for a football match after a tiresome working day. In August, employees from our Latvian and U.S. subsidiaries met on a football pitch in Dublin, Georgia for the second time in order to determine the strongest football team. 

After the first game between the teams, which was held at the end of June when the Latvian squad celebrated their victory with a 15:6 score, the American team asked for a return leg. Hence, another game was organized in August, with the participation of both teams. 

The Latvian men’s team was represented by these footballers: Aigars Stieģelis, Edgars Gaspars, Jānis Āboliņš, Normunds Polis, Roberts Šastilovskis, Armands Valtiņš, Gvido Salenieks, Tālis Dreimanis, Zigmunds Valeskalns, Andris Pētersons and Artis Bisenieks. The American colleagues, in turn, had formed their team with players who were training on a regular basis. 

Even though both sides performed equally well and the game was very dynamic, the Latvian team again won the second leg. The game ended with a 6:4 final score. 

AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA’s employees Aigars Stieģelis and Edgars Gaspars reveal in more detail what happened during the match: "When we arrived on the pitch, the American team seemed to be much more superior and stronger than us. The American guys started the game with a lot of energy and confidence, gaining the lead of 0:1, and for a tiny moment we lost our certainty that we might be able to change anything in this match. However, we started to play as a united team and a few minutes later Roberts scored thanks to his forward move. The score was 1:1. The Americans did not surrender and soon caught up with 1:2. We were fighting hard. With a fantastic pass by Edgars, Tālis scored from the corner, and again we levelled the result at 2:2. A few moments later, Gvido gained the lead of 3:2 in our favor, but shortly before half-time, the American players equalized the result at 3:3. The first half ended in draw." 

"During the break we encouraged each other and understood that we can fight for the victory. We started the second half with persuasion, and Aigars managed to score, 4:3. A ricochet ball helped the Americans to score a goal, levelling the score to 4:4," tells Edgars. "And then Edgars experienced his lucky hour, scoring twice in a row with no return goal. So the match ended with a 6:4 score in our favor," emphasizes Aigars.

We would like to thank our colleagues Aigars Stieģelis and Christian Drakar Lewis for their initiative and organizing this football match!