In cooperation with the responsible services, the company has conducted its first theoretical civil defence training

21. June, 2023

Do you know what civil defence is? Are you familiar with the concept of all-encompassing national defence? What is the task of civil defence during a military conflict and how we should act in the event of a threat? How can one join the National Guard? 

To get answers to these important questions, we were visited by Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitrijs Oreškins, Commander of the National Guard’s 22nd Combat Support Battalion, Staff Sergeant Major Ojārs Zīle, Sergeant Major in the National Guard’s 22nd Combat Support Battalion, and SFRS Civil Defence System Operations Coordination Department Head Normunds Jēkabsons.

In turn, security specialist Nauris Slokenbergs introduced AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA to the civil defence authority system. As Nauris points out: “Our objective is to develop a knowledgeable section of society, as well as to foster understanding among employees about the company’s processes in relation to security and how these processes help to build a civil defence system within the company.”

Interest was undoubtedly generated by the opportunity at the end of training to view some of the SFRS rescue machinery in action. This year, this was the company’s first theoretical civil defence training in cooperation with the responsible services and we have undertaken to continue this close cooperation, reinforcing civil defence skills not only at theoretical level, but also acquiring practical aptitudes.