Glass fibre mats for a safe and convenient life

12. December, 2016

One of Valmiera Glass Group's wide range of unique products with high added-value are the glass fibre non-woven materials – different kinds of mat. Mat is made of cut glass fibres without binders. The Group’s companies produce two types of mat: needle-pierced mat, in which the material is fastened with multiple needle punctures, and tufted (sewn together) mat, where the mat, on a special knitting machine, is knit with a yarn or polyester fleece, or glass fibre fabric is unilaterally knit together with the mat in order to obtain an especially mechanically resistant mat.

The tufted mat is made from E-glass (with the heat resistance of 600°C) and HR-glass (800°C), while the needle-pierced mat is made using three different types of glass: E-glass (600°C), SiO2-glass (1000+°C) and HR-glass (800°C). Each type of glass has its own particular characteristics. Based of the specifics of the mat type, it is used in automobile, wagon and shipbuilding, in construction, for production of household appliances and insulation of various industrial equipment and pipes.

Glass fibre mat has demonstrated the importance and the need for the product in the market by encouraging an increase of its production volumes: In 2004, Valmieras stikla šķiedra JSC established a separate plant for mat production, and in 2015 a project on the acquisition of a technological production line was implemented and in the spring of the same year, mat production was launched in the new plant of P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp.