For peace and freedom for Ukraine

3. March, 2022

In our thoughts, hearts and works we are together with Ukraine and Ukrainian people! It cannot be expressed in words what Ukrainian people are forced to go through now. Peace is lost, it is a terrible fight for freedom and independency. The world has changed overnight with the horrors of war affecting our fellow people and their daily lives, thereby presenting a threat to the foundations of global security. 

“We utterly condemn military aggression and war of the Russian and Belarussian government. We wholeheartedly support all sanctions against aggressors and therefore also we have severed trade links with Russia and Belarus. We are convinced that this war has been created by Putin and the clique around him, and not in the name of Russian or Belarussian people. Our company has kind, good-hearted people of Russian and other nationalities working side by side,” stresses Stefan Jugel, the Chairman of the Board of VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS.

We support and are involved in providing assistance and wish Ukraine freedom and peace. We are open to have people from Ukraine who have been forced to leave their homes joining our team. We have taken the necessary steps to give job opportunities in our team for people seeking asylum. We also thank our employees from the bottom of our hearts who help people from Ukraine by giving them accommodation or making donations for first assistance.

Courage displayed by the Ukrainian people and the rest of the Western World joining against the aggressor raise our hopes for a better future. We, as a company founded in beliefs and values of the European Union and the Western world, hope that sensibility and humanity will prevail and the invaders will withdraw. 

Wishing strength and resistance to Ukraine!
We are with you #StandWithUkraine!
May sunflowers grow in an again free Ukraine!

More information on organising assistance in Valmiera Municipality for asylum seekers from Ukraine at:

Photo credit: John Ramsdin