Coated and laminated fabrics – an invisible guarantee of security

26. September, 2016

Valmiera Glass Group offers to the world market glass fibre coated and laminated fabrics, which are produced through two stages. Primarily, taking into account the client’s requirements, an E-glass or SiO2-glass (silica glass) fabric is woven and the type of glass itself already indicates how high a resistance to heat the particular material has.

In the second stage of production, the fabric is coated with a lining which additionally improves the fabric or provides new physical properties to it - ensures resistance to flames, reflects thermal radiation, improves abrasion resistance and others.

Most often E-glass fabrics are used for coating and laminating the fabric. When compared to SiO2-glass, these fabrics are cheaper, and the technical properties acquired through the lining overlaying process give a wide range of applications and provide fire resistance for about one hour, which is a comparatively long time. More commonly the SiO2-glass-coated and laminated fabrics are used as heat insulation materials, since they have a longer usage life, a higher resistance to heat and fire resistance of up to two hours.

The coated glass fibre fabrics can be used for both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, as well as fire protection, whereas the application of laminated fabrics is more related to the automotive industry, pipe and cable insulation, shipbuilding and other sectors.

Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. is one of the first companies that from the first days of its operation produces coated and laminated fabrics for the glass fibre market. The offered product range is growing every year and Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. is also the only company that offers coated and laminated fabrics in a width of up to 3 meters, which makes it one of the market leaders in this niche.