Change in Management of JSC “Valmieras stikla šķiedra”

1. June, 2015

Changes in the management of Valmiera Glass Group mother company JSC “Valmieras stikla šķiedra” have taken place at the end of May. Mr Andre Heinz Schwiontek has been elected Chairman of the Board and President as of May 29, 2015, taking over the baton from Mr Andris Oskars Brutāns. Mr Dainis Šēnbergs was elected Deputy Chairman of the Board and Vice-President.

The new composition of the Board of Directors of JSC “Valmieras stikla šķiedra” is the following: Andre Heinz Schwiontek, Dainis Šēnbergs, Stefan Jugel, Hans-Joachim Häusler, and new-elected Mrs Doloresa Volkopa, who has been Human Resource Manager at JSC “Valmieras stikla šķiedra” and co-responsible for personnel management and efficiency processes since 2011. Former President A.O.Brutāns will now be a member of the Supervisory Council.

Company management express their gratitude to Mr Andris Oskars Brutāns, who was Chairman of the Board for the last 12 years, for his altruistically invested knowledge and effort in company development and growth. Together with his colleagues, Mr Brutāns succeeded in steering the company through times of privatisation and crisis and in reorienting it towards entirely new business horizons.