Atex® textile membrane at the cupola of Mezaparks Great Bandstand

25. May, 2021

The current phase of the Mezaparks Great Bandstand reconstruction project is focused on the roof. This will involve mounting a cupola made of 5,324 m2 Atex® 4000 TRL textile membrane, and additional elements made of Atex® Mesh 800 membrane. The textile membrane is a specially prepared fibreglass cloth covered with silicone. The cloth is highly resistant to environmental impact, and it is a non-combustible and acoustic material suitable for wide use in large constructions for music and sports.

The new roof of the bandstand will protect performers from the sun, wind and rain, as well as contribute to better acoustics. Seven specialists from Germany and 19 local alpinists are involved in laying the membrane into the bandstand cupola.

The new bandstand will double the capacity for chorus singers to 12,874 spaces, as well as increase the number of dancers that can be accommodated in the expanded dance area. The reconstruction plans aim to make the bandstand more comfortable, easier to access and safer. An adiabatic system is installed in the bandstand to cool performers in hot weather by mixing the hot air with water mist.

The final phases of construction works for the Mezaparks Great Bandstand are almost finished, with the bandstand building and rooms, a new service house and warehouse already completed. As part of phase B2 of the construction project, utilities will be installed for users and improvements to the bandstand territory will be implemented.

Reconstruction of the Mezaparks Great Bandstand started on 11 March 2016, when the Riga City Council and Latvian National Centre for Culture signed a contract with the architectural offices of Juris Poga and Austris Mailitis for the development of a construction project. The conceptual idea of the bandstand resembles a Silver Birch Grove on the hill of songs.

Until now Atex® textile membranes have been used in many architecture solutions on a large scale - Zenith music hall (Strasbourg, France), Art center Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain), Vodafone Arena (Istanbul, Turkey), Wolkenhain tower (Berlin, Germany) and Conference center The Cloud (Rome, Italy).

Photo: Renars Koris