Atex® 2000 and 3000 “SOUND” have been awarded a Certificate of Material Excellence

29. June, 2016

Textile membranes Atex® 2000 and 3000 "SOUND" produced by AS Valmieras stikla šķiedra subsidiary Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. have been awarded a Certificate of Material Excellence by the global leader in material innovation Material ConneXion, and both Atex® materials will be displayed in the library of the most innovative materials in the world.

Material ConneXion has acknowledged Atex® 2000 "SOUND" and Atex® 3000 "SOUND" produced by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. among the best, most sustainable and state-of-the-art materials in their category, by including them in the library of innovative or smart materials. Materials are selected through a strict research process, and every month more than 40 new materials undergo independent examination, thereby maintaining the world's largest library with thousands of innovative materials and products from all areas of design.

Atex® 2000 "SOUND" and Atex® 3000 "SOUND" are excellent materials for interior design, especially for lighting systems or functional ceiling solutions which serve as a perfect light and sound control mechanism ensuring more effective dispersion of light in the room, preventing dazzling and bright light, as well as providing better acoustics.

Atex® membranes are particularly strong, lightweight, and fire-resistant silicone-coated architectural textiles. This fabric is used to make exceptionally lightweight membranes for both interior and exterior applications such as roof constructions, canopies, building facades, ceiling panels, and many others. Atex® materials are available in a wide range of colours, are easy to maintain and provide longevity of more than 25 years.

Material ConneXion is a trustworthy advisor for the top 500 U.S. corporations, agencies, and public authorities listed by Fortune magazine, which seeks creativity, competitiveness, and sustainability, helping corporations generate future products.