Atex® - The smart choice

21. March, 2016

Atex® materials have many important properties in relation to construction and maintenance; thus, they are versatile and applicable in various ways. In certain circumstances, Atex® is clearly the most appropriate solution for keeping the environment up to standard.

Buildings characterised by considerable environmental factor include sport stadiums and arenas with natural grass or hybrid turf surfaces. The maintenance of the proper appearance and functionality of the surface requires light, the appropriate temperature and air circulation. A simulation was performed to verify the ability of Atex® materials to meet the abovementioned needs. Three boxes were placed outdoors: one with polycarbonate glazing, another with Atex® 3000 TRL, and the last one with Atex® 5000 TRL coverage. A box with soil was placed in each of them, and grass was planted in all three boxes. During a period of 15 days, the temperature was measured, the growth of the grass was observed, and photos were taken twice a day.

The experiment showed clearly that grass would grow very effectively under Atex 3000 TRL or 5000 TRL. It also showed that Atex has the effect of moderating temperature beneath the membrane. This more moderate temperature improved grass growth and, we believe, enabled the grass to survive for longer in the absence of watering. In an addition this work showed that Atex might provide an environment more suitable than other materials with better temperature control and requiring less water. Roger Diserens, Atex Development Manager, Valmiera Glass UK Ltd