AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA continues cooperation with VALMIERA GLASS/ViA basketball club

27. July, 2022

In the new season of 2022/2023, AS VALMIERA STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA continues cooperation with VALMIERA GLASS/ViA basketball club by providing financial support to contribute to the development and growth of the young basketball players in Valmiera Municipality and Vidzeme region.

“In the previous two years, the possibilities to support community projects were limited considering the legal protection proceedings initiated and the implementation of its plan. Despite the situation, the company continues cooperation with VALMIERA GLASS/ViA basketball club and highly appreciates the club’s trust in the company as a partner during this time believing that the company will be even stronger after the legal protection proceedings without requiring immediate investments. We also have to thank the club for continuing to carry our name over the last two years, even though we have had to scale back our support. We are glad that we are now able to support basketball players with our work. We believe that basketball training develops the youth’s understanding of hard work and leads it to becoming better both on and outside the playing court,” says Stefan Jugel, the company’s Chairman of the Board. 

Previous cooperation with the basketball club has shown that the company’s contribution is essential for growth of the club and the activity and performance of its team. The club provides an important contribution to the city’s and the municipality’s sports life in general. One of our priorities is support to activities and organisations that promote an active and healthy way of life and development in Valmiera and in Vidzeme region. It is extremely encouraging to see that the number of young interested basketball players is increasing each year.

“We are very glad that, with the new season, AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA returns in the capacity of a full-fledged financial supporter of both the club and the basketball school. Already in the past, this has been a great and solid foundation for both the youth basketball and the main team. Perhaps last summer we slightly diverged from our vision; however, along with these new changes we return to focus on Bertāns’ Valmiera Basketball School as our priority. The recruitment of the team is also connected with this school, as we’ll involve the school’s learners in the main team,” General Manager of the team Roberts Zeile explained the aims and vision of the club. 

AS VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA has been supporting VALMIERA GLASS/ViA for several years already with the aim of promoting the club’s development and involvement of children and youth in sports activities.