The Cloud | La Nuvola, Rome, Italy

Atex® textile membrane produced by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. has been used in the construction of the new conference centre in Rome designed by one of the greatest stars of modern Italian architecture - Massimiliano Fuksas. The conference centre resembles a giant rectangular glass box, which includes an audience room – an unusually shaped structure made of steel frame, covered with the silicone glass fibre textile membrane Atex® coating manufactured by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd. Due to its innovative form the centre is now called “La Nuvola” or the Cloud, and the Atex® 2000 TRL WS14 textile membrane of 24,000 square meters was used for its design.

The complex is built mainly of glass and steel, and consists of the Cloud, several conference rooms, a shopping area and a hotel. The Cloud is about the size of two giant airships and is the key element of the whole complex - a versatile space where an auditorium with capacity for 1760 visitors is located. The Cloud is located between the ceiling and the floor of the 40-meters high, 70-meters wide and 175-meters long glassed hall, and due to its non-standard form it offers visitors a different perspective of each side of the conference building. The external appearance of the Cloud, which is formed using an Atex® material with high light permeability, allows one to see through it from the outside, creating a truly realistic cloud-like illusion - the effect of transparency, airiness and lightness.

The new conference centre is a building with an extremely intense artistic value characterized by innovative features and the use of technologically advanced materials, including Atex®. In addition, the conference centre has been created with sustainable, environmentally friendly features to reduce energy consumption by using renewable energy sources.

  • Fabric: Atex® 2000 TRL WS14
  • Fabric area: 24,000 m2
  • Project architect: Massimiliano Fuksas
  • Membrane fitting: Canobbio
  • General contractor: Condotte
  • Year: 2016

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