Textured fabrics

Textured fabrics
(E-Glass 600º C)

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Textured glass fibre fabrics (GT) with thermal resistance of 600°C are made of alkali-free alumina borosilicate E-type glass fibre yarns. Textured yarns with a filament diameter of 6 and 9 µm are used for the production of textured fabrics.

Application: GT fabrics are used as heat and acoustic insulating material, as a heat absorber for compensators, and for the production of protective clothes.


  • mass per unit area: 280 up to 1200 g/m²;
  • GT fabrics are manufactured with cut and/or tuck-in selvedge.

Designation: e.g. GT-550 TS, where:
GT – type (E-glass textured fabric),
550 - mass per unit area,g/m²,
TS - edge type (tucked-in).

Textured fabrics
(HR-Glass 800º C)

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HR-glass is alkali-free aluminosilicate glass that does not contain boron oxide and fluorine. This glass type could fully substitute E-glass in various aspects. The most important feature of this type of glass is its thermal resistance of up to 800°C.

Advantages of HR glass fibre compared to E-glass:

  • better chemical resistance, particularly in acidic, as well as alkaline and water environments;
  • better thermal resistance;
  • better dielectric properties;
  • equal durability;
  • environmentally friendly glass melting process - does not create dust emissions containing boron oxide.