Needled mats

Needle mat is non-woven fiberglass material that is made of diverse size and form of glass fibers that are needle-felted in sheets. Material is needle punched to create monolith blanket in a required thickness.  

Needled mats are excellent non-woven products for the insulation market, which are made from 3 different glass types: E-glass 600°C, HR-glass 800°C and SiO2-glass 1000+°C. Each glass type is providing its own specific qualities.

Glass fibre mats are environment-friendly, recyclable, and incombustible, meeting the requirements of DIN 4102. Mats are excellent insulators therefore commonly used in insulation structures for piping, refineries, heating infrastructure, automotive and many other areas. Glass mat is used for high heat and fire resistance barriers VALBARR®.

Certification: Silica needled mats are certified according to the MED Directive 2014/90 / EU and can be used in the shipbuilding industry.

Needled mats
(E-glass 600º C)

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Needled glass fibre mats with thermal resistance of 600ºC are made of alkali-free alumina borosilicate E-glass fibre yarns with a filament diameter of 6 to 13 µm and a length of the cut fibre of 30 to 100 mm without any bonding agent.

Application: due to the incombustibility of glass fibre, glass fibre mats can be used as heat insulating materials in applications up to 600°C. More often, glass fibre mats as heat and acoustic insulating materials are used in industries such as follows:

  • automotive (motor house, floor),
  • shipbuilding (walls, ceilings, piping insulation),
  • carriage (piping insulation),
  • building (heat insulation),
  • household goods (heat insulation),
  • power plants (turbine insulation).


  • standard width 100 cm,
  • thickness 3-25 mm,
  • mass per unit area 450-4500 g/m2,
  • operating temperature 200-600°C,
  • mats up to 200 cm wide are available upon customer’s request.

Designation: e.g. AF 1500-10, where:
AF - type (E-glass fibre needled mats),
1500 - mass per unit area, g/m²,
10 - thickness, mm.

Needled mats
(HR-glass 800º C)

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HR-glass (High-Resist glass) is alkali-free aluminosilicate glass that does not contain boron oxide and fluorine. This glass type could fully substitute E-glass in various aspects. The most important feature of this type of glass is its heat resistance of up to 800°C.

Advantages of HR glass fibre compared to E-glass:

  • higher chemical resistance, particularly in alkaline and water environments;
  • higher heat resistance;
  • environmentally friendlier glass melting process - does not create dust emissions containing boron oxide.

Needled mats
(SiO2-glass 1000º+C)

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We offer high-silica needled mats (KF) with thermal resistance of 1000+ºC. Silica needled mats is a new-generation heat resistant material which can be used over long periods without losing the properties and without melting and vaporising at temperatures of up to 1000ºC. The mats also have low thermal conductivity, are inert to the majority of chemical reagents, resistant to organic and mineral acids (except hydrofluoric and phosphoric), weak alkali, water and high-pressure steam.

Certification: Silica needled mats are certified according to the MED Directive 2014/90 / EU and can be used in the ship building industry.

Application:  high-silica needled mats are mainly used in metallurgy, automotive industry, electro- and chemical industries, which require thermal resistance of up to 1000+ºC.

Parameters: the high-silica needled mats are delivered in rolls with a length of 10-50 m.

Designation: e.g. KF-600-4, where:
KF - type (silica mats),
600 - mass per unit area, g/m2,
4 - thickness, mm.