Atex® textile membranes

Atex® (Architectural Textiles) are high strength glass fabrics, impregnated and coated with translucent or pigmented silicone elastomers, which are used in architecture.

Atex® fabrics are suitable for external applications such as membrane roofs, cladding systems or shading canopies. For interiors they can be used for solar shading, acoustic control, ceiling panels or can be utilized in illuminated displays, diffusing light in an attractive glow.

Silicone membranes are often used for unique architectural design elements, facades, for constructions that require sunlight and also shade, for instance, sport stadiums and arenas.

Atex® textile membranes
(E-glass 600º C)

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Silicone coated fabrics are very flexible in the temperature range of -50°C to +200°C and filter out the harmful UVB light but allow the necessary light through for plants to grow. At high temperatures or in fires the product does not emit poisonous gases or flaming particles.

On request, Atex® can also be delivered in various colours (minimum delivery quantities and conditions according to agreement).

Options: All Atex® fabrics are treated with an ant-wick treatment. Standard TRL (translucent) fabrics are available in a range of weights and special customized solutions can be produced on request.

Standard widths currently on offer: Atex® 2000 - Atex® 3000 - Atex® 5000 - Atex® 5000 - Atex® 8000, and Atex® Mesh fabrics which differ in weight, strength, translucency, and openness.

Designation: TRL – Translucent, white color | Color – Metalic and standard colors available | Bicolor – Different colours in- and outside | Perforated – for acoustic ceilings | Aero – coating for pneumatic structures.

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