It's more than glass, it's improving the quality of life for millions of people.

Glass fibre benefits

Glass fibre is a wholly natural material, ecologically pure and non-harmful to human health; it is formed from one the earth`s most abundant materials, quartz sand mineral over 25 million years old, which is melted in a furnace at 1580°C with other raw materials.   The resultant liquid glass melt is spun into fibres. Binders are added to make the material stable and water repellent.

Glass fibre can be twisted, warped, woven, and treated like any other fibre. Its many rare characteristics render it especially valuable, including strength, flexibility, non-combustibility, water and chemical resistance.  It is more than glass, it is improving the quality of life for millions of people.

The quality and durability of our glass fibre products have been proven in industry, lasting throughout the lifetime of high technologies and a wide range of different industrial products. The many rare and unique characteristics ensure their special value:

Safe I Long lasting I Quality control and standards I Fire resistance I Excellent electrical properties I High thermal resistance I Chemical resistance I Noise absorbing I Water repellent I High tensile strength I Excellent reinforcement material