More than tomorrow. With a view in the future.


The VALMIERA GLASS GROUP technical progress and sustainable action go hand in hand. Our high standards help us to embrace our responsibility at a high level. The GROUP sees and implements a variety of activities in four key dimensions of our corporate social responsibility – viewing from perspectives of Company, Society, Business and Environment. Our corporate social responsibility is based on core values of the enterprise: stability, quality excellence, use of high-tech and team spirit, which supports the sustainable development of the company. Social responsibility covers: environmentally friendly production, efficient use of resources; care of employees, safe and decent working conditions; employee qualification increase, support of charity and sponsorship projects’ implementation etc. In our opinion being socially responsible primarily means to be responsible for our employees and customers, ensuring reliable and quality products. We are marathon runners. We like long-term things. We are interested in long-term relationships, mutual development and we believe that these factors bring us to sustainability in business.