VALMIERAS STIKLA ŠĶIEDRA, AS and its subsidiary (hereinafter – VALMIERA GLASS GROUP or the GROUP) is one of the leading glass fibre manufacturers in Europe, with more than 55 years of experience in the production of glass fibre. VALMIERA GLASS GROUP's core business areas are glass fibre research, glass fibre product development, production and trade.

As a major international producer of glass fibre fabrics for many technical applications, VALMIERA GLASS GROUP operates a quality control system that fulfils strict international requirements for a variety of industrial markets including composites, thermal and technical insulation and construction industries. VALMIERA GLASS GROUP products benefit from innovative production and application technology plus the most up-to-date manufacturing facilities.

Wherever quality, strength, stability, corrosion and fire resistance are required in today's modern world VALMIERA GLASS GROUP products of glass fibre are the solution.

VALMIERA GLASS GROUP’s vision is to become the market leader of industrial glass fibre in Europe. Our vision reflects the essence of what we do in the VALMIERA GLASS GROUP. It means being dedicated to satisfying each customer's specific needs, becoming an example of productivity and creating and implementing innovative solutions, whilst remaining environmentally responsible.