Climate-Pavilion, Germany

The Atex® membrane manufactured by VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd. was used in the production of the pavilion in Germany. The pavilion is made of a steel structure coated with an Atex® 5000 textile membrane covering a surface of 500 square meters.

The area of the nine-metre-high pavilion is almost 170 square metres, and this pavilion offers premises for exhibitions, seminars and events devoted to informing the public about climate change, environmental protection and responsible use of natural resources.

The concept of the climate-pavilion is based on green thinking and sustainability. The structure is powered with renewable energy and produces its own energy for daily lighting and air conditioning with especially designed “Sunflowers” or “Sun umbrellas” installed on the roof.

In choosing building materials, preference was given to those creating beneficial preconditions that promote a green lifestyle and ensure energy-efficiency. One of these materials is the Atex® glass fibre textile with a silicone coating, which is an industrially fully recyclable material and complies with all safety regulations. 

Despite the impressive size of the pavilion, with a diameter of 15 metres, it weighs less than a medium-class car. Its light weight is ensured by the lightness of the Atex® membrane. In turn, the high light transmission of the material, i.e., 21%, creates warm and pleasant light inside the pavilion.

The pavilion structure proves that the membrane is a successful and modern material for this type of building due to its physical properties. It is lightweight, cost-efficient, with high light transmission and UV-stability, flame-resistant, resistant to temperature fluctuations, as well as reusable due to its flexibility and resistance to bending.

The pavilion is mobile, and every year it is constructed anew during the summer season, changing its location from one German city to another.

Facts about the project:

  • Name of the project: Climate-pavilion
  • Client (investor): THEGA Thüringer Ministerium für Umwelt,Energie und Naturschutz
  • Type of application of the membrane: temporary
  • Material: Atex® 5000 silicon-coated glass fibre fabric
  • Applied fabric area: 500 m2
  • Membrane fitting: Flontex (Poland)
  • Developer of the engineering and technical solution: Hightex (Germany)
  • Year of construction: 2017 (and 5 subsequent years)
  • Architects: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Ruth, blueKon, reich.architekten BDA

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