Study to work

P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp is expanding and looking for skilled employees. As the production processes of P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. are specific, specialized training will be necessary. Therefore P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. is cooperating with Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) in Dublin, Georgia to offer training programs to develop skilled candidates for the P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. team.

The education programs are focused on work-based training and allow candidates to participate in practical training at the work place. During this training program students will get the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for further work in a real work environment.

The training program content is created especially for further work tasks at P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. This training experience is already working well at Valmiera Glass in Latvia by providing a high skilled workforce for the company and well-paid jobs with long term career development possibilities for the graduates.

Apply for training in the following programs:

Glass fiber operator – training duration 9 months. A glass fiber operator in the company is responsible for controlling fiber forming, maintaining fiber cooling and overseeing fiber quality.
Chemical process operator – training duration 8 months. A chemical process operator in the company is responsible for raw material preparation for chemical processes, mixing materials and controlling chemical processes.
Twisting operator – training duration 6 months. A twisting operator in the company is responsible for fiber inserting, twisting process monitoring and controlling quality.


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