A whistleblower is entitled to blow the whistle on any criminal offence, an administrative offence, or another violation of legal norms (act or omission), and also a violation of the ethical standards of the VALMIERA GLASS GROUP companies which harms the interests of the VALMIERA GLASS GROUP or the public interests, especially on violations in the following fields:

  • corruption;
  • tax evasion;
  • public health threat;
  • construction safety threat;
  • environmental safety threat, including actions affecting climate change;
  • radiation protection and nuclear safety;
  • labour safety threat;
  • public order threat;
  • infringements of human rights;
  • violations in the field of public procurements and public-private partnerships;
  • violations in the financial and capital market sector, including fraud and other unlawful actions which endanger the financial interests of the European Union;
  • prevention of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing;
  • violations of the competition law and the regulations regarding aid for commercial activity;
  • violations in the field of provision of goods and services, including in relation to safety and conformity;
  • violations in transport safety;
  • violations in relation to the internal market;
  • violations in the field of animal welfare;
  • consumer rights protection;
  • protection of private life and personal data and safety of the network and information systems;
  • improper use of company resources;
  • insider trading;
  • disclosure of confidential information;
  • inadequate financial or non-financial recordkeeping;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • discrimination or harassment;
  • other breach of the business ethics standards.

As whistleblowers may be:

  • employees of the company and other natural persons employed by the company (e.g., on the basis of a contract of service);
  • shareholders and persons belonging to the administrative, management or supervisory body of an undertaking, including non-executive members of the company;
  • volunteers and paid or unpaid trainees of the company;
  • cooperation partners of the company.

Including the persons whose work-based relationship or contractual relationship is yet to begin in cases where information on breaches has been acquired during the recruitment process or other pre-contractual negotiations and persons where they report on breaches acquired in a work-based relationship or contractual relationship which has since ended.

You may blow the whistle using VALMIERA GLASS GROUP's internal whistleblowing system as one of the whistleblowing mechanisms:

reporting to the e-mail: speakup@valmiera-glass.com
adding a whistleblower’s report here

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